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Monday, July 18, 2011

Puzzle Fundraiser

Trying to think of ways to raise money for our adoption is very difficult.  We have paid for the first part but once we receive our referral we will have a big chunk of money we need to send in.  I really wish we just had it all and didn't have to think of fundraisers.  I think I'm learning I need to be humble and ask for help.  We've already had a few surprise donations which have been a blessing. 

I don't make amazing blankets or clothes.  I'm not an artist.  So I don't have anything I can make and sell.  I've seen the puzzle fundraiser on a few adoption websites.  I don't know how successful they are but it's worth a try.  I CAN put together a puzzle.  Here's how it works.  For every donation of $5 or more we will put your name on the back of a puzzle piece.  It's 500 pieces so we have enough pieces for everyone!!  We will frame the puzzle with glass on both sides so we can remember all of the people who helped us bring our daughter home.  We will hang it in her room.  You don't have to donate online.  You can mail it to us.  If you'd like our address you can email me at  Thanks in advance for helping us!

As I searched for puzzles I had a few options that were African type puzzles.  Then I came across a puzzle that is my favorite painting by Greg Olsen.  The picture shows Christ leading a little girl.  For me it is like He is leading her to us.  When Amaya saw the picture she said "Hey that looks like me!"  That is why I love the picture.  My children can relate to it.  I know our future daughter will relate to it also.  Here is the poem that goes with the picture.  I plan to frame this also.

Like a child in the woods I lost my way,
Alone and afraid I stopped to pray.

“Father in Heaven,” I cried in my need,
“Please guide me home, I’ll go where you lead.”

Like a light in the forest he sent down His Son,
My heart became warm, a new hope had begun.

“Take my hand and I’ll lead you,” I heard Him say,
“Stay by my side for I know the way.”

Now a child in the woods all filled with delight,
The journey is joyous as I walk in His light.

No longer alone in a shadow filled land,
He leads me home as we walk hand in hand.

Greg Olsen - 2007

Greg Olsen - Hand in Hand